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Product Specifications
  • GP-T10120100 / GP-A20120100                  100 x 20 ul Reactions
  • GP-T10120500 / GP-A20120500                  500 x 20 ul Reactions
  • Calibrators
  • Gene Expression Master Mix / ROX stock solution, separate                                                                              
  • Primers / Probe
  • Reaction Enhancer
  • Nuclease-Free Water
  • Positive Control (TREC or Beta Actin positive)                                                                            
Storage and Stability
All components of the kit should be stored at -20 to -30 deg C. Avoid repeat freeze-thaws. Avoid exposure of components (probes, ROX, Gene Expression Master Mix / ROX) to light. With proper storage and handling, the full activity of the kit is retained until the expiry date.
The product is shipped with ice/gel packs.
MyTREC    Real-Time qPCR Assay Kit Specifications  (Singleplex / Human) 
Product Description
  • MyTREC  TREC Assay Kit                  GP-T10120100 / GP-T10120500 -     detects 25 genome equivalent copies.
  • MyTREC  Beta Actin Assay Kit          GP-A20120100 / GP-A20120500 -     detects 100 genome equivalent copies. 
Instrument Compatibility
The MyTREC Kit, among other components contains a separate ROX stock aliquot and reporter dyes labeled with FAM / VIC making it compatible with all commonly used Real-Time PCR Instruments. Determine if your instrument is a High / Low / No ROX instrument and add the ROX stock reference dye to the Gene Expression Master Mix, according to the specifications detailed in the product brochure. Also, most High / Low ROX instruments are capable of analyzing the Real-Time data with the passive reference dye signal either on or off. See "Resources" for know more about instrument compatibility.
  • Specific, sensitive - The Calibrators have been designed and optimized with TaqMan dual labeled fluorescent probes for an efficient and accurate quantification of TRECs                                                                           
  • Complete, All-In-One, Ready-To-Use - The MyTREC Kit is "complete" containing all the components necessary to run the Real-Time qPCR Assay.                                                                        
  • Linear dynamic range - Broad range of Calibrators provides reliable testing of precious samples                                                                  
  • Absolute Quantification - By generating an Absolute Calibration / Standard curve using Real Time qPCR Assay.                                                                   
The MyTREC Real Time qPCR Assay Reagent Kit has been designed and developed for sensitive and accurate quantification of Human TRECs in a blood volume as little as 1 ul. The proprietary Calibrators are "Ready-To-Use" and are serially diluted in a stabilizing diluent. The kit is formulated with TaqMan dual-labeled fluorescent probes and a Gene Expression Master Mix containing antibody-mediated hot-start DNA Polymerase, Enhancers, Stabilizers, dNTPs. A separate ROX reference dye stock aliquot is provided for optional use and to enable instrument compatibility. The kit is optimized for standard mode on fast qPCR instruments and standard cycling conditions on standard qPCR machines.
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