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Terms & Conditions
Invoice Communication
All invoices are communicated via email. For customers within USA, hard copy invoices are mailed (USPS regular mail only) on request.
For international shipments, hard copy invoice/s are included with the product shipment. Additional hard copy invoice requests (after product shipment) are delivered (Fedex/other carrier) for an additional charge of USD 100.00.
Are you using freight services ?
GenenPlus does not provide any freight services. However, if you wish to use one of your choice, please be advised that an additional charge of USD 100.00 will be added to the invoice towards the freight paper work.
We facilitate 'shipment pick up' at GenenPlus location or having it shipped to an intermediate location within USA (shipping charges apply).
Product Use / Disclaimer
All our products are designated "Research Use Only (RUO)". It is not for diagnostic or therapeutic use. The Company is not responsible for injuries or damages resulting from the use or misuse of its products.
Product Labels
Please read the product brochure, product labels prior to using the product.

Please read the MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) provided online for caution pertaining to product handling and application.

Products are intended for use only by qualified laboratory personnel.

Payment Terms
Payment terms are net 30 days. 
On any sum overdue, the Buyer will be charged an interest at 3% per month (36 % per annum), calculated on a day-to-day basis until final payment. Minimum $ 1.00.
Limited Product Warranty
The Company warrants that the products conform to the standards specified in the specification data sheets. If the product lot is proven not to conform to the specifications, the Company will offer a replacement product. The warranty limits the Company's liability to a replacement product or the total purchase price paid by the Buyer.
After Delivery
The Buyer is responsible for the Goods once delivered. Any damage or loss after delivery is not the responsibility of the Company.
GenenPlus is the "Company" , the supplier / seller.
The products sold by the Company is the "Goods".
The "Buyer" is the person or the organization to which the Company has contracted to supply Goods.
Return Policy
The products are shipped in ice/gel packs. Owing to the temperature requirements of the products, we do not accept any cancellations or 
returns on orders that are already processed. 
The prices of the Goods listed does not include packaging / handling and shipping. For shipment delivery outside of USA: taxes, insurance, duties, impositions, if any shall all be borne by the Buyer / Distributor.
Contract Conditions & Cancellation
The Contract is defined as an agreement to sell Goods by acknowledgement of the Buyer's order. All the terms and conditions apply to every sale that is made or agreed to be made by the Company. Any exceptions are at the discretion of the Company and requires a written approval from the Company.
The Buyer cannot cancel any contract without the written agreement of the Company. If this is given, the Buyer shall indemnify the Company against all  losses, damages, claims or action arising out of such cancellation.
International Wire Transfers and Intermediary Bank Fees
Please confirm with your bank if they need a US intermediary bank for wire transfer, if so, please add the intermediary bank fee to your 
order total. 
Your order total (Invoice Total) does not include intermediary bank charge, and this charge is at customer's cost.
The intermediary bank fee is not deducted by our bank.
Please instruct your bank to code line 71A (details of charges) as "OUR" . This will prevent any intermediary bank fee from
being deducted from invoice total.
We will ship the order only after the invoice is paid in total.
Duties / Taxes on International Shipment
In rare cases, duties / taxes are imposed by customs on international shipments. Fedex usually invoices duties / taxes to the Fedex
account used for the shipment (Genenplus Fedex account or Customer's Fedex account). In all cases, the customer is responsible for the payment of duties / taxes incurred during the shipment transit. 
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