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Orders & Shipping
Orders (USA)
Purchases can be made online, directly at
Orders placed on phone require confirmation via email.
You can also request a quote and use a Purchase Order (PO) to place an order.
Shipping & Handling (USA)
When orders are confirmed we provide you with an estimated shipping date.
The products are shipped (Fedex) in ice/gel packs.
Shipment days are Monday through Thursday.
Orders confirmed after 3 pm (CT) Thursday will be shipped the following business Monday.
Domestic shipping (within US) will cost the customer a minimum of $200.00; if it costs us >$200.00, we will add that to your PO total. 
The customer can also provide their own Fedex Account number to defray the shipping charges.
A packing / handling 
charges of $15.00 will apply to all domestic shipments.
International Orders and Shipping & Handling
We are now taking orders from outside of USA.
Orders can be placed directly with online; or email.
You can also request a quote and use a Purchase Order (PO) to place an order.
You can request your local supplier / distributor to contact us to facilitate ordering / shipping / import for you.
For payment options, see Payment Methods. 
There is a $20 packing / handling charges on all International orders (even when they are shipped to a distributor / supplier within
or outside of United States)
Monday is the only shipment day for all international orders.
We require customer's Fedex account no. (for international orders only) for the shipment.
Any duties, taxes, customs, fees, impositions etc, that could occur during the transit of the shipment shall all be borne by the buyer. 
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