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Payment Methods & Invoices
Pay Met Anchor
Invoice Communication
All invoices are communicated via email. For customers within USA, hard copy invoices are mailed (USPS regular mail only) on request.
For international shipments, hard copy invoice/s are included with the product shipment. Additional hard copy invoice requests (after product shipment) are delivered (Fedex/other carrier) for an additional charge of USD 100.00.
Online Payments (USA)
We accept all major credit cards.
Offline Payments (USA)
Modes of offline payment:  credit card, check,  bank transfer / ACH transfer.
International Payments (from outside of USA)
International purchases made directly by a customer (purchases not mediated by a distributor) require advance payment of the invoice.
The products will be shipped only after the payment is processed.
Mode of payment: electronic / wire transfer, credit card.
International Wire Transfers and Intermediary Bank Fees
Please confirm with your bank if they need a US intermediary bank for wire transfer, if so, please add the intermediary bank fee to your 
order total. 
Your order total (Invoice Total) does not include intermediary bank charge, and this charge is at customer's cost.
The intermediary bank fee is not deducted by our bank.
Please instruct your bank to code line 71A (details of charges) as "OUR" . This will prevent any intermediary bank fee from
being deducted from invoice total.
We will ship the order only after the invoice is paid in total.
Service Charge on all Credit Card Payments
There is a 3 % service charge (shows as tax when you check out online) on all (online / offline) credit card payments.
Duties / Taxes on International Shipment
In rare cases, duties / taxes are imposed by customs on international shipments. Fedex usually invoices duties / taxes to the Fedex
account used for the shipment (Genenplus Fedex account or Customer's Fedex account). In all cases, the customer is responsible for the payment of duties / taxes incurred during the shipment transit. 
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