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- Simultaneous quantification of TREC   

   and Beta Actin copies

- Sensitivity upto 25 TREC copies and

   125 Beta Actin copies

- Compatible with any Real-Time PCR

   instrument with FAM / VIC channels

- Available in: 96 X 20 ul kit &

   45 X 20 ul kit formats

 MyTREC     Sensi Duplex TREC / Beta Actin Real Time qPCR
Assay Kit (RUO)
MyTREC   Kit 


MyTREC     Real Time qPCR Assay Reagent Kit   (RUO)


Designed & optimized for highly specific, sensitive & accurate absolute quantification of human TRECs (T-Cell Receptor Excision Circles)

  Quantification of Human TRECs 
  (T-Cell Receptor Excision Circles)
 Complete and Ready-To-Use TREC / SCID  Assay Real-Time qPCR Assay Reagents
 Proprietary Calibrators optimized to  
 provide exceptional efficiency &  sensitivity
 TaqMan     fluorescent probes (FAM / VIC)
 Broad dynamic range of calibrators to
 provide reliable testing of  precious samples
 Accurate/sensitive absolute quantification of  TRECs in a  blood volume as low as 1 ul
 Kit is compatible with all standard Real-  Time PCR Instruments; No specialized 
 Instrument / workstation / software required
Features of MyTREC    Kit
We have used MyTRECKits (both TREC & Actin Singleplex Kits) to evaluate patients following HSCT.
Its simple and straightforward to use and  helped us forward our research goals with ease .......
We got excellent support from GenenPlus / with sample preparation, setting
up the assay and data analysis. 
--- Dr Luis Klaus Alves da Rocha, Hematologist (Physician) and PhD Scholar, Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Ready-To-Use Molecular Reagents

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